Roulette Video Chat Rules

Chatroulette is a service on which thousands of users who live anywhere in the world communicate and meet. There is no age limit here. A guy or a girl of any profession, worldview, with different hobbies and beliefs can become your interlocutor. For the conversation to take place in a friendly, benevolent atmosphere, it is necessary to familiarize yourself, remember and not violate the rules of conduct in video chat roulette.

1. Disrespectful behavior is prohibited

Users are not allowed to:

  • use foul language and show disrespect to the stranger;
  • behave uncivilized, intrusive and rude;
  • threaten a guy/girl in a text or video form;
  • The main taboo is insulting the interlocutor on religious, ethnic or racial grounds.

2. It is forbidden to behave defiantly

A vulgar form of behavior is not allowed in any form. Namely, you cannot:

  • to demonstrate to the interlocutor naked intimate parts of the body;
  • offer to engage in sexual relations virtually or real;
  • use words, expressions with sexual connotations that can offend;
  • is in chat roulette in underwear or without clothes.

During video communication, the camera should be aimed at the face area.

3. You cannot use extraneous pictures

Communication takes place with a "live" stranger. Do not aim the camera at:

  • TV screen, tablet, smartphone, PC monitor;
  • photographs with other people;
  • text of any content.

It is also forbidden to use webcam emulators.

4. Spam prohibited

Users cannot:

  • use video chat to advertise goods/services;
  • send links to other sites to Chatroulette;
  • ask to vote / like and the like.

You cannot send users a message with identical texts (spam) multiple times.

How can you report visitors?

Chatroulette has a complaints system. Any user has the right to make a complaint about the offensive, provocative or impartial behavior of his interlocutor in the video chat roulette.

To send a complaint to the moderators of the service, you will need to attach to it:

  • the image of the user who violated the rules of the chat roulette;
  • a photograph of a message containing threats, insults, and more.

Based on the data provided, the moderators will decide whether to ban the user. Collective or systematic complaints about the same user lead to the fact that he is automatically banned. If there is no evidence of violations, no action will be taken against chat visitors.

You cannot complain without good reason, based on personal dislike.

Users are excluded from video chat roulette only for failure to comply with the above rules.

Limitation of Liability

The site administration is not responsible for:

  • actions of video chat roulette visitors;
  • moral or material losses incurred by users.

The competence of administrators and moderators is to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the service, review the claims of chat roulette participants, and decide whether to ban a visitor.

By starting a conversation on Chatroulette, you agree to the terms of use of the resource.

If you find violations by other users, please report to us. By joint efforts it is possible to achieve that the culture of behavior and respect for the strangers is in the first place on Chatroulette.

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