Why won't ManyCam work on Omegle?

Why won't ManyCam work on Omegle?

Do you have the latest version of ManyCam?

Yes, it has the latest version. There are no known issues with the latest release. You can download it from:

I don’t want to install ManyCam

Sorry, you can choose any image you want but if you don’t want to use Omegle then don’t install manycam.

You could use a bunch of different things, and one would probably be a pretty good option. Let's say you have an office with a couple of chairs at the table. You could put your phone on top of it, with an HDMI cable, or maybe a keyboard and mouse or a headset.

Or you could place your iPhone and another device on the table. If you use that phone, you can do a lot with that screen. You could send messages, watch videos, chat with friends, get directions. But if you're using the other device, that screen is not a good screen. It's not much better than your desktop computer monitor, in fact. That screen is the best thing you have right now, and it might even get you through your workday without any trouble.

But what about a bunch of tablets? How many people can have an iPad and still be productive? You could probably just use the keyboard and mouse, or use your tablet as a

Do you have to install it or can you just install the source?

No. ManyCam only works with a few web browsers.

I tried many versions of ManyCam on several browsers and they worked fine.

Does it work in all browser, for example Firefox, Chrome or Safari?

No, I tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari and None of them supported it.

Does ManyCam run on the new iOS 10?

Do you have a guide for downloading It?

Yes. It is available here.

How is the website built?

I am using the new website which is hosted on

Is it possible to send videos through the server?

Yes. You just need to use the send to server command which is provided in the ManyCam.cfg file. It doesn’t work with the web client, but it will work with the video server.

Are the videos played in real time or laggy?

If you have a slow connection, it is better to play the videos laggy so you don’t get dropped off in the middle of an event.

Do you have any information on the number of videos?

There are 7.5 million videos.

Are you working on more than Just ManyCam?

Yes. There is a new version of ManyCam, version 4.

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