Why does Omegle always make me solve a Captcha before every chat?

Why does Omegle always make me solve a Captcha before every chat?

Can you tell me why you don't have a page like this:

I need help getting my account back.

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Why is Omegle always making me solve a Captcha before every chat?

It is because you are starting new chat way to often,Captcha in every case is used to avoid bots.Theres a limit for Number of users for every site in accordance to their servers,thus it is necessary to avoid bots which are programmed to make the server busy to make it crash or slow.Thus When you hit new chat way to Often then you are transferred to another algorithm where you are required to do clear captcha to verify yourself as a real person.Even though if you think you are not hitting next chat that much which i doubt,you might be doubted for a real person if you are using some third party software.

Which is more likely to be used as a bot: The bot that is doing the captcha or the bot that is doing a chat?

When i was using Omegle as a bot i thought its more likely to be used as a bot and when i was using a real human being as a bot i thought its more likely to be used as a bot and that is because the bot has the advantage of a real human being being there to do the captcha while the human has the advantage of a chat bot which is there to make chat easier.

What happens when the Omegle bot is used for a chat and the user has a question or problem?

The bot will respond as soon as it can.

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