Why does ice never go on chatroulette?

Why does ice never go on chatroulette?

Exactly. I mean, we have chat dialogues, and we have also audio chats, but there's no, like, giant, non-stop, 100 percent ice conversation. There's a reason for that, is because of the EEG reading. If you've ever listened to an ice-skating audio, there's a sound that comes up above your head when you're very, very, very close to the mic, and that's a very intense oscillation in your brain, a very intense brain wave, that tells your body when you've actually reached hypothermia. And so the more I got into making the game, the more I realized that if we wanted to capture that oscillation in a game, which is something that we absolutely absolutely absolutely must, because otherwise we're just letting technology take us back to the coldest period of time possible, which is where we came from, and where we're going, in the inevitable race to artificial intelligence.

I'm not sure what the timeline is going to be, but I would predict that it would be the late 2020s. I know there's going to be an uprising against that timeline. I just happen to believe we're headed in the right direction.

But why wait? Why don't we just get to work now and make something that's going to last. I mean, why don't we do that right away? Because the only way to spend your life thinking about something is to make it, right? So we're going to need game engines that we can borrow for a little while, and see what happens.

And one of them is, in a way, a kind of opposite twin of this -- is Crytek's creation, Far Cry 2. I played it a few weeks ago, and I've just spent about an hour and a half with it, and I can report back to the community in a way that you can't even say, That was an hour and a half with a video game icon. I can report back in a way that you can't even describe it as awesome. It's just really amazing. I played a close copy that I purchased, and I can report back to the community as to how it plays.

But the thing about Crytek's is, we had a code share for so long, and so closely related to the technology that they were creating, that we actually profited from each other's creativity. We could borrow each other's IP and see how it would all fit together. We could take risks together. We were like, Okay, we can make this thing work. And so what you see in Crytek's box is a glorified, budgeted up version of the body armor that Chris did in Dead Rising. It's a recreation of that movie set, but with a lot less blood. And what's so amazing about this is, Crytek made it for

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