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Who wants to get fucked up and go on omegle chatroulette together and get weird?

We are building a virtual world where we can fuck up and be alone together. It's going to feel weird, but really really good. Nobody is going to hurt you. It's going to be really dangerous, but really really really really really cool.

Can you walk me through the different parts of this? How does omegle work? How does it compare to the big websites like that of course I know how that works but how does it differ from those tiny sites where you have to create an account and register and all that?

omegle: essentially we are building a website where every user is going to be able to have the same experience wherever they are and we are going to put a button that will allow people who are lonely or who are shy or who are some other reason to let others know about the website for them. And then another button will let them know about the website for someone else. And so this is like the integrated social networking for lonely people. We are just going to put a button. And another one will let them know about the website for someone else. And then another website where they can get weird together.

So this is really the beginning. This is the first stab at something that is going to be really useful. I want to play a game here where I am a virtual stranger and I want to try to have a good chat with as many people as I can. I am going to start with two people. I am going to call them Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We are going to call them J and K. And we are both welcome to do this. But if you want, we can all just switch to English and just start talking to each other in plain old English. So can we please start in the front page right now? Alright. So we are both standing there in front of the page that you just came up on. Can you feel the internet? Thats right. We are both standing there in front of the same page. You can tell it was made for watching. So can we just the internet. Please just let it happen.

The internet is awesome.

And so we are both feeling that same connection that I have been talking about. I am talking about that same feeling of being in this magical place where everything is OK and everything is going to be OK. And so in that moment, I just start thinking about all the kids out there without an internet connection. The kids who can't talk because they are shy or because they are embarrassed or whatever it is they are talking about. And I just start thinking about all the times I have pumped two or three tubes of helium into a canister and put a kid through the ruck to get him to talk. And I just start thinking about how many kids are out there just waiting for that one connection they can turn to just to ride their cloudbusting internet