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What's your best memory on omegle chatroulette?

It was really great. I used to be on there a lot, actually. It was the best place in the world. I had a really hard time choosing one. I mean, we have to leave out the fact that it was actually hosted in my bedroom -- sorry. I know, I know, I know. It was in my bedroom, dude. I know. We're both guilty here. I mean, I remember starting off as a kid, spending all my time, buying stuff, doing all this stuff -- like I said, very early on. I remember being really shy. I remember not fitting in. I remember feeling very uncomfortable in certain social situations. And then one day, all of a sudden, after about six to eight years of that, like, every website you've ever been on, like, every social network you've ever used, like, in a month, like, a month and a half, like, you'll be like, off the map. You'll be like, omegle. Like. The map will literally not load. And I'm just sitting there, trying to get Omegle to work and all of a sudden, like, this thing just comes to life, and I remember our founder, Jake, comes running up to me and is like -- is like like, What are you doing? Is this all you've got? And I'm like, What? He goes, You're going to omegle. And he's like, -- You're going to omegle. And he's like, Yes, I know. And he's like, But Jake, no one will believe you. And he's like, You're joking right? -- Yes, I am. It cost us like 30 bucks just to get that one message out. omegle itself was one of those experiments where we actually made like, a ton of money doing it, just by literally just hosting it and running it for like, a couple of hours, just to see, was -- was like, just like, a test tube full of something. But we were like crazy kids about it. I mean, it was just this one little tube. And we were like, Oh, no, no, we kept running it, literally just by running it. And we were like crazy about it. We were just like, This can't end well. And we were right.