What's your best chatroulette omegle story?

What's your best chatroulette omegle story?

So, we're right in the middle of it, and I don't even know where we are in the video. The world is spinning around us, and it's incredibly chaotic, and yet somehow, somehow, it's managed with such care and craft. I don't know if you've ever been there, but is where everything that's going on right now is ending up. And I don't know, it just seems to be going in that direction right now. And if that's true for you, I'd like to hear your stories. Let's hear 'em.

[Chuckling] So let's just jump right in. So in the beginning, you guys were just two teenagers, I think, actually, that first video you posted. So this is how it happened.

[Laughter] So what happened?

So we start off with a normal Thursday afternoon in July. It's July. That's the longest day of the year. So what do you think teenagers will be doing all day on July Fourth? Drinking? Shopping? Dancing to loud music? Probably doing just that. Now, we're going to call it a day. I know it'll just be a day. It could be a week, it could be an hour. Whatever it is, it could be a boring day. But at least we have a plan.

So we have a plan B, which is all about to get a whole lot crazier. So, what do we do? The only thing we can do is come up with a plan C, and that's what we're going to do. Because we are in for a treat.

[Chuckling] So we start to get a little bit of a problem. OK. So on a normal day, Boring Day, July Fourth, is when we do most of our shopping. We're usually in the mall, buying stuff, when suddenly all of a sudden a big Omegle! Like, everything shifts, everything goes dark, and then it's back to normal. And so what do we do? We go back to Boring Day, July Fourth, and do the same thing.

So we've got to have a plan of our own. Something has to give. And we thought about murder. We thought about it. But what if instead of someone killed, we had a bunch of people? So we thought about that. But then we remembered that the whole point of a megacity was for people to be hacking at each other's computers. So we thought about that, too.

So we started to think about kidnapping. Not so much

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