What's the most memorable interaction you had on omegle chatroulette?

What's the most memorable interaction you had on omegle chatroulette?

I was chatting with a boy online for about an hour or so. We're in the same city, same suburb, same school. He showed me his new haircut. I liked it, but I don't usually go for that style. So I politely declined his offer to do so again the next time we talked. I never went back to that boy.

When I first started using the internet in the 90s, all I did was surf the web. Since then, I've been doing a lot of things online, working on a lot of things, starting a podcast, producing my own site, helping organize the Hack User Group, writing a book on internet design, helping invent the World Wide Web Consortium, inventing some of the first chat rooms, starting a startup company, trying to democratize the video chat arena, inventing a video chat tool, testing out the new LiveMarks feature, building some of the earliest webcam-to-chatroom encryption, forming a website to help people report internet predators, forming a global sex tourism charity, building an early prototype of the first commercially viable video chat tool, inventing a method for automatically segmenting the internet chat so that no one sees your face or your voice while you talk to someone, ect.

So the most memorable interaction I've had using the omegle was talking to a guy for almost an hour about his laptop. And he was fascinated by how simple it was to turn his boring old budget laptop into a video chat room, so he showed me his laptop and showed me how to set it up, and then he played a short video that started playing on his first laptop.

And the most memorable interaction I've had using the livemarks tool is talking to a girl for almost an hour about her webcam. And she was so enthralled by how simple it was to turn her boring old budget laptop into a sex spotter that she wanted to videotape everything that happened during that first interaction and share it with the world, so that everyone could see how easy it was to be creepy.

So in that first conversation, I definitely drew some of the pre-conceptions of creepy behaviour that we have to evolve to survive. I also think that the first interaction between an audience and an author and a tool like this is one in which we as humans tend to get a little bit defensive.

Canon: I don't need to tell you that the first encounter between an author and a user of a video chatroom is one of the most dangerous in the world today.

Canon: It's like the last thing you ever did as a child before you killed yourself. You panicked, you lost your childhood, you went to a place where you could watch it never happen again, and you lost everything.

Canon: Now I'm not trying to be melodramatic here, but I think

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