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What's the longest chatroulette omegle conversation you've had?

Let's see, let's take the longest one right now: the longest random chat I've ever had. I just had that one, and then I went back and forth five,000 times. I mean, that's a long time. And it was probably midnight, and I had left my door unlocked. I went to go check it, and then I heard a noise outside. I heard a guy talking to somebody. I opened the front door, and there he was. I said hello, and then I got this weird feeling that I shouldn't have, because I had left my phone in the car. But I didn't know what to do. So I just kind of went along with it. And then I heard voices. I don't know who they were, but I heard voices of two girls. I said, Excuse me, and then I got a weird feeling that I shouldn't have said hello, because I didn't know if I should talk to them or not. So I said, Hello, are you here to fight? And then I got a different feeling, like I should probably not have said hello either. And then I got a weird feeling that I shouldn't have answered that question either. So I didn't know what to do anymore. I tried going back to the random chat and doing it over and over again, and over and over again. I kept on doing that, and then I got tired of it. So I just, like, gave up. I just decided, the more I did that, the more I realized, is that it's much more fun to just not do anything at all. So I decided to just leave it alone.

I interviewed a random guy for two months. We did this interview on eHarmony. We didn't even know each other. We went to a hotel, bought identical things. We used the same application. It lasted for four days. We talked on the phone constantly. Four days. Four days. I mean, it's not even dinnertime! Four days. Four days.

So we transcribed everything we could from our microphone. We even tried to hack into our contacts. We used lots of fake email addresses. We even used fake Facebook likes. But we were so paranoid, we were afraid of intruders that we just said our final goodbye and went our separate ways. And that was it. That was the point where we just officially left the chatroulette.

We went through all that again when we started to interview webcam girls. And the thing is that the interviewees themselves started to notice things that they'd never see in a film, in a magazine, in a book. They started to notice their hair turning a certain shade of blue, they started to notice their eyebrows creasing upward, they started to notice their eyes widening, drooling, going darkly dreamy. They started to notice their