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What's a good sex video chat site besides chatroulette and omegle?

One of the websites was just named the sexiest startup of the year by Business Insider. I just found out. It's called Omegle. It's the video chat platform that lets people chat together face-to-face without having to go online. So, you know, we're talking about the early days of this here amazing technology. I remember when it was just beginning. I worked at Yahoo! For a long time, we had this killer chat platform. It was so killer that, you know, the fact that we had it online did not diminish the fact that millions upon millions of people were communicating without it. So, I just want to take a moment right now to celebrate this, and then I want to thank all of our employees. Thank you. It's been amazing. [Applause] That was awesome. But what we've done here at Yahoo! is we've created something even better than this, which is a platform for connecting people around the world. And we call it Yahoo! World Wide. World Wide. We're not making that up.

We are Yahoo! Worldwide. We are connecting people from around the world together in one place. And we are doing that by building tools that help cities and countries organically come together around a single mission, based on a set of simple principles. These simple principles: purpose, organization, community. These are principles that we developed in partnership with cities around the world to see what worked and what didn't, and then we rolled out these tools, monitoring where it made the biggest difference. And across the world, we've seen a dramatic reduction in violent crime, property crime, accident prevention, accident reporting. And what has driven this reduction in crime and property crime and accident reporting is a set of three simple principles: priority, proportionality and leeway. Well, a friend of mine who works at Microsoft put together a nice chart showing, for the first three years on the chart, where the reduction in crime and the reduction in property crime and the reduction in accident reporting came from. And you can see from the right hand chart, starting in 2003, there was a reduction in the percentage of offenses for which there was a conviction, and then going straight up to 2015, there was a 30 percent reduction. Where the reduction in crime and the reduction in property crime and the reduction in accident reporting started started in 2015. So this is a pretty impressive pattern, where, over that period of time, these three things, organized and non-organized, were combined. And the pattern keeps on going, because as more people, when you take the three things out, the reduction in crime and the reduction in property crime and the reduction in accident reporting, keep on increasing.

But this is where we are in World Wide Web 2.0.

And by providing this beautiful, bottom-up, random Internet connection, World Wide Web, we are enabling a whole