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What was your weirdest experience on random chatting rooms like chatroulette omegle?

That was one of the weirdest experiences. I was watching TV in the car and, just by chance, I saw this little window that said, Seinfeld. I clicked it, and here comes this little random video chat room. I was like, Wow, this is a lot of people. Then I clicked on someone's profile picture and, by the time I got to Kramer, I was instantly sucked into this randomly generated video chat room. Kramer, naturally, was my favorite. He's my favorite internet meme of all time. I was instantly sucked into this video chat room. I was immediately sucked into this weird, never-before-seen random chat room. I clicked on the Seinfeld avatar and here comes this room. This is it, this is the one I'm going to stick with. I'm looking at Kramer in this chat room, and by the time I get to Seinfeld, I'm sucked into this bizarre, never-before-seen video chat room. And I'm watching it, and by the time I get to this screen, I'm sucked into this bizarre, never-before-seen random chat room.

Now, this whole thing -- well, let me just leave you with one more thing here. I don't want to frighten you, either, here or on the internet. I don't want to scare you away from seeing the world the way it is, just tell people what you think, don't be afraid of it, be happy about it, and try this online thing out, too. If you have to do it, don't shy away from it. Just be happy about it. That's all.

I was watching a football match this evening and in the dying stages of the match, when the home team were scoring, the atmosphere at Anfield changed.

That's me, on the Kop.

The Kop was quiet for a minute or two that break in the score. But then the Kop went quiet again. This time, though, everyone at Anfield knew what was going on. The atmosphere in the stadium had changed.

So I watch a football match again, this time in a bar in Liverpool. And in this time, the Kop goes quiet again. Again, though, everyone knows what's going on. The stadium at Anfield knows. And so the Kop at Anfield stays quiet.

And that's the problem. And the solution is clear. It's simple: the stadium management should allow the Kop to go silent for 60 seconds after a goal. But, of course, the supporters should be told beforehand -- letting the supporters' association know beforehand -- what to expect. So this time, I go to watch a Liverpool v Aston Villa game. And in that game, the Kop goes silent for 60 seconds only after the fans have voted with their wallets.