What was your most memorable omegle chatroulette anonymous internet chatting experience?

What was your most memorable omegle chatroulette anonymous internet chatting experience?

I didn't have an experience with much omegle at the time. I remember we were in the middle of a video call and somebody suddenly started talking so loudly you had to mute it or mute it off from the camera. But it was so much fun! I think we both just kind of instinctively gravitated to like, the funny part, or the erotic part, or the sensual part, or whatever it was. The details were just perfect. But I can't remember whether it was the stream or the sound or the stream that got me the most. That would have to be the guy who uploaded my old stream.

And then I got kind of curious, and I tried it myself. And lo and behold, the guy who uploaded it, the one who gave me the stream, is the one who I identify as a 41-year-old engineer who works 10-to-5. So I guess he's a bit of a workaholic. I dunno, he must work hard, because he got this pretty big corporation to stream his awesome product.

So I got in his channel, and I showed him the trailer, and he actually asked me to repeat myself a few times, because I thought I said please 10 times. But really I just wanted to complain a little bit, you know, about the internet. It's a little bit like that.

Anyway, and I did repeat myself a few times, and he actually thanked me for streaming his product, you know, and then he ended up just going on and on about his product, and I just kind of wandered off into a different experience.

And that was it. That was the omeglechatroulette experience. We actually ended up doing, like, three-plus streams of stuff, just to let him know that I was interested in his product, and then he just kind of went on and on about his product. I dunno, it just ended up being, like, three minutes of my life.

Now, that's a little bit more interesting, but the thing is, that was it. That was the only kind of stuff that omeglehad to offer at the time. The only kind of omeglethinghad was the weird sex stuff.

So we ended up just kind of throwing it out, kind of getting rid of it, and not doing anything like it ever again.

But the thing is, the one thing that really matters is, don't worry so much about what people do in the real world. Only care about what they think and believe will fix all problems.

That's the magic trick for almost any social problem. It just so happens that this is also true of problems of opinion. OK? So if we start treating opinions as a serious problem, instead of this circus, and instead we start to measure what people actually

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