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What was your best experience from a video chat website like omegle or chatroulette?

PH: The best part is, I didn't even know it was going to be that good. I didn't even know that there was a video chat competition going on. We were just randomly scrolling through random topics on the site, like, Hey, do you know of any chat sites that are really good? And then we were like, Oh, here it comes. That's how I learned about the competition. Like, that's how I learned about the omegle competition. And then later on, when I started to build my own site, like, a Minecraft server, and started to make videos of myself playing that, I was like, This is it, this is the one. This is the one. It's funny, because all of the sites that I've talked about, even though they're really bad, like, on the inside, like, they're really good on the outside, like, they have this spiral-shaped path that they just kind of run along, and that's how they learn about experience. If you take away one thing from this talk, I hope it was you learned something new. It helped me build a better website. I hope you learned something new. It helped someone. Let's say it helped somebody out.

JS: All right, I'm going to give you one last tip, but I'm going to give you one more tip, but I need one more thing. If you're ever in Seattle right now, just do a Google Image search for urbandictionary and see what you come up with. It won't show any results, but hopefully it will help.

JS: That's it, just turn down your information. Turn down your search. Turn it all off.

JS: That's it. Do what I did. Turn it all off. Turn it all -- all of your online behavior -- all of your web behavior -- into a graph. That graph can tell you a lot about what you want to learn about a person.

JS: Yeah, and what you want to learn.

JS: And what you want to learn.

JS: And what you want to learn. And what kind of data we have to use this to make recommendations about what people are buying and who to target.

JS: And we took that information and made recommendations about what we want to see on our website.

JS: Discoverweb, we called it. We spent three months doing webcams on every single child in the world, from four different locations, and we made recommendations about what to see and hear. And what you see is us sitting here right now, talking to ourselves, and hoping that this is the starting place for a new relationship between us and these children and society at large. And we were right.