What was the most disturbing thing that you have seen on chatroulette?

What was the most disturbing thing that you have seen on chatroulette?

The most disturbing thing that I saw on chatroulette was very young girls with long hair. In the Middle East, that's when girls with long hair are most exciting. I mean, really, really exciting. The camera moves slowly, but the girl with the bangs is talking. And it's clear that this girl has just been sexually assaulted. But instead of doing what the young men in her chat want her to, the audience wants her to laugh. So that's what we see. And what is so disturbing is that the young men on chat are actively encouraging each other to have sex with each other, even when they know that what they are doing is illegal. And what is even more disturbing is that when these young men are laughing at knowing that other people can be tricked on chat, they are actually encouraging the rape of other people.

That's one example of the many ways that chatrooms can actually facilitate criminal behavior. And what is even scarier is that we as the adults have to actively stop ourselves from doing anything about it. Because it is often too late. So many young people are victims of this, so soon. They have been tricked on chat, and their entire adult lives may depend on it.

So I am the anti-Nick Bilton. I would ban chatrooms outright. I would literally ban chatrooms from my child's life. Because it is so easily manipulated and broken. You can't have a game where you have tools for objective evaluation and fixed goals and fixed points of behavior. It doesn't work that way. And so I would literally ban chatrooms from my child's life. I would literally ban chatrooms from my child's life because of the risk of manipulation and so many other problems, and so easily.

Stop and think about it. You have a child with autism. They have the nicest, goofiest, happiest child you have ever had. They are the most interesting person you have ever met. And yet, they are being manipulated on chat.

I know it is hard for you to do anything. All you can do is do what you have to do to try to help this child. But you can do something you never have before. You can actually help. And that is you can actually ban chatrooms outright. Because what more can you do?

I am begging of you to take a moment right now. Try to imagine being able to browse the web today without being actively harassed or threatened with harassment because of who you are, what you look like, who you love, where you've lived your life. And if that still makes you uncomfortable, imagine going to work every day and having to deal with this every day. Imagine.

So my hope is that if you can,

as a society , can we can step back for a minute and step away from this and do something here today to help control

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