What was the best omegle chatroulette conversation you've ever had?

What was the best omegle chatroulette conversation you've ever had?

That was a really good one. I don't even remember the username, but we were just talking about video games, and I said, Have you played Minecraft? He looked at me and then at the screen, and in that second he knew exactly what I was talking about. And then we started playing the video game together, and then he said, You know, that looks familiar.

And I said, Yeah. This is the same exact game.

And then we played World of Warcraft together, and then he said, Aren't there zombies in 'World of Warcraft,' and I said, Oh, does this happen all the time? He looked at the screen, at that point, and in that second, knew exactly what I was talking about.

And then we did Overwatch, and then we watched Mad Max: Fury Road, and then we played The Room, and then we listened to some Pandora music and then we were done. And when we were done, I tapped out.

So that was my epic adventure into the weird, dark, maddening inner recesses of human nature. And I've tried this on and off for the past year or so, and it's really helped. I think that, in a way, it's made me a little bit more human. Because now I understand that if you want to make really good video games, you should probably give people options.

And I'm curious, you know, what would be the most important video game event that you haven't seen yet that you have? And what would be the one video game example that you haven't included in a book, because I know there are people who want to see it?

So here it is, my epic, depressing over-all video game example: Bowling.

In the early '50s, something happened in bowling that I'll never be able to explain. Something magical happened in bowling that no scientist is likely to ever understand.

The scoring in bowling was reconfigured so that there would be 20 points on the ball, instead of the formerly 50. And the players would place their hands on the mat, and with their right and with their left, try to knock out 20 points. And if they both make a mistake -- and I never made a mistake in bowling -- then they both get a point. (Laughter) And the more people were in the stadium to see this, the better the game got. And the thing that kept happening was that scores would rebound. And so in the early days, after 20 was knocked down, you'd see scores rebound.

But the thing that always kept happening was that scores would rebound so quickly that the entire stadium would start booing the players. And people started getting in the dressing room and trying to get the fans to cheer the wrong

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