What program is used to record gameplay and yourself at the same time, to be used for YouTube upload?

What program is used to record gameplay and yourself at the same time, to be used for YouTube upload?

And also it supports many more features, but only if you have GoPlay Editor installed.

How do I set the camera to automatically record the video? I've tried both of these settings and it seems to work but it's not automatic, or when I set it to auto, I get a video that looks like a normal camera. Is it possible to set the auto camera to the default camera?

HiIt is possible. But you need to have an option in the camera settings to do that. And it's really important to select the camera settings properly. If it was the default camera, it would automatically capture video and save it to the SD card. I can't tell you how many times I saw videos that have a camera settings setting called "auto camera". I mean, if you set the default camera to auto, the video will be recorded automatically but when you move your mouse, or if you move the camera, there will be an error message.

I wanted to know if there are any other features in GoPlay Editor that I've missed. I'm looking forward to try it out. Thanks for the help!

HiI'm sorry, there are no such features. If you don't have GoPlay Editor installed, you can see all the available options below.

For instance, you could share it via email or a web link. GoPlay Editor supports the video format: HD 720p, HD 1080p, and HD 4K. It was created for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Chromebook. I'm looking forward to the support of Linux and Windows PC.

How can you change background colour of the recording area?

You can change the background colour of the recording area. Just hold the right button while recording screen. And the recording area will be changed to a different colour. You can also set the background background colour for the recording area.

Why don't the playback speed is slow or you can't see the pause and play buttons?

This is a simple and basic problem. This problem is fixed by GoPlay Editor. If your computer has a low system requirements or a low memory, it can use a smaller memory footprint. It can use less memory, therefore reducing memory usage. But on a typical computer, it is difficult to run low memory-hungry programs. So GoPlay Editor uses an advanced algorithm to optimize the recording time for your computer. When you start recording, GoPlay Editor runs a simple program that scans the video file for the required information. GoPlay Editor also detects whether the recording is active, and if so, it will automatically pause the recording. If the recording is active, you can select the start and stop buttons to keep your recording going.

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