What product ideas and features would you recommend for Chatroulette?

What product ideas and features would you recommend for Chatroulette?

Also, there are plenty of other ways to allow people to interact with each other without needing to have their phone number.

We also have this idea where you can have people who can't access Facebook send messages to other people via SMS. The person who sends the SMS gets the other person's number and they can then reply to that person. They could even have two people send messages back and forth, and each respond to a different person. It's interesting that you can have this much potential for social interaction without having to share a phone number.

I'm interested in the concept of "chat rooms" as a social media platform, but what do you think it will take to create a chat room that doesn't have to rely on people sending SMS messages. For example, would you like to see a "Facebook chat room" on Twitter?

One of the problems with social media today is that everyone knows someone who knows someone, and that becomes a barrier to communication. People often feel that they need to create their own social media platform because they need something that can stand out from the crowd. That's true, but you're still competing with the community of people who already have the same thing. There are already a ton of sites that do things that I think are more helpful.

ChatRoulette could provide a better platform to chat about things than Facebook Connect, which is still a very immature platform.

When I first started working with the Arduino, I did so as a hobbyist. While I did have access to a computer in my apartment, I spent a lot of time programming, tweaking, and tinkering away at my code.

A few years later, the Arduino is my main computer. I work on it a lot, but my main focus is still on building and tweaking the firmware and software. As I've gotten older, I've learned to use the Arduino for everything from making circuits to designing the user interface. The next logical step would be to get an Arduino for the computer I use for my hobbyist projects.

There are tons of different Arduino boards to choose from. While I personally prefer the Arduino Uno and the Duemilanove, there are other Arduino boards that have a lot of great features that the Arduino Duemilanove doesn't have.

The Raspberry Pi is a great choice for a home computer. It is incredibly inexpensive and comes with a large number of components (with a little bit of assembly), so it's a great option for those looking to use their Raspberry Pi as a full-blown computer.

The Arduino Leonardo is a great option if you just want to hack on it and experiment. While the Leonardo has the same basic functionality as the Arduino Uno, the Leonardo comes with a number of unique features that are worth exploring.

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