What is your funniest encounter on omegle chatroulette?

What is your funniest encounter on omegle chatroulette?

I am curious. I want to know. Do you really have to leave your comfort zone to have an interesting conversation? I know some people stick to the topics that interest them. I personally, since I want to chat with new people, and I also like chatting with people that I meet in person. I just found a really interesting user on Omegle called u/jekyllmode , who is a big advocate of open source, which is awesome. I want to start a chat and I type in, Hey, u/jekyllmode. What's your secret? and he types back, Nothing, just wanting to see what would happen. I don't have to disclose any of my personally identifying information. It's like entering my e-mail address into a dating site. It's so easy.

Can you imagine how easy it would be if I type in, Hey, vBulletin moderator here, what's your demographic? He enters, Well, I dunno, about 3 percent of our users are males, roughly. About 25,000 unique visitors a day.

That's just an example, there's tons of examples all around the web. You type in a bunch of information, and you get a funny result. The principle is the same wherever it's used. The funny factor comes from the fact that it shows the diversity of the audience. Almost every dating site now has a demographic section, so that can be really useful. But the real secret is to really delight users in the information you share, because the more explicit and specific your feedback is, the more it excites users and help them achieve their goals. And that's where omegle comes in.

OK. So omegle is a great service, and maybe the FBI should start using it to help catch pedophiles.

OK. So now, omegle is just one example of how the underlying technology empowers people to have incredibly honest conversations. I'm going to show you a new service, called Chatroulette, that lets you chat with random people from around the world in about an hour.

OK. So here's Chatroulette. When you start chatting, you get five matches, and you can sort them into three groups: really good, really bad andu-er, really not at all.

So you get in there and you sort people into three groups. And then you get three or four hours to chat with as many people as you want. And we get to know these people. We like eat these pussies. And then, after that, if we're really adventurous, we can change people's gender preferences, something that a lot of the sex-removing stuff in condoms is not enough for.

OK, so I want to try this. I type in, Hi, everybody. And out pops a

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