What is your best worst chatroulette story?

What is your best worst chatroulette story?

The worst one is actually with Jabba the Hutt in A New Hope. I remember one day, we were shooting, and this giant Hutt came running over to us and started yelling, I am Jabba the Hutt, Emperor of the Hutt Traders of the galaxy! It was really intense -- I swear, you don't want to hear that one now.

Right. So that was my first real role in Internet history. I was a Hutt Trader. I hated Hutt Traders. They were horrible people. I hated them so much, for years, that I'd sneak away from work one day and just stare at the ceiling fan, wishing I could just be Jabba the Hutt myself and do something positive in this horrible place that has done such terrible things to my people. I mean, it -- it just, you know, it broke my heart. I knew right away this job, with all of its incredible action and space combat and all of that stuff, was going to be very difficult. But at the same time, I loved it. Because it was this thing that I had been musing about all my adult life, and now I had actually done it. I had done it with my eyes closed. I had done it with pure, unadulterated bliss. And I had done it with kids.

And it was the one thing that I absolutely adored about my youth. I mean, I know what I loved doing a long time ago. I know what I loved doing now. I just could not stop loving it. I have to give you a hint, though. If I could give you one thing to get you to leave my site, it's to just say, YES! And leave the hard work out of it. It's the only thing you really have left to lose. That's all you really have left to lose. Because the thing about a career change is that day comes. You sit down in the office and you take off. You burst into tears. You leave the company you love. And it hurts -- it literally hurts -- you know, it's been an absolute nightmare. But you pull the plug, you hold on tight to the hope that someday, somewhere, something -- SOMEBODY -- will wake up and help you. And please, somebody -- RIGHT NOW!

The last thing I would want you to do is to hitch that magic foot to your chair. Just remember that -- even if it is just for a moment, even if it's just five seconds, you can still TAKE THAT STEP. You can still BELONG. You can still matter. You can still matter. And you can help make that happen, because you matter. You matter because -- because you, like I said, you matter. You matter because you matter. You know what I mean? You matter because you -- because you are an American. You matter because

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