What is the strangest conversation you ve had on chatroulette or omegle?

What is the strangest conversation you ve had on chatroulette or omegle?

HIV ACCIDENT: I was chatting with a girl named elena when she told me that she had HIV. I thought, Really? Really? But she told me that she didn't want to believe it, but she had. And when she was diagnosed, she started taking the med Truvada every day. And she is doing so phenomenally. She is sitting here right now, not one of her toes has turned white, not one. And when you take Truvada -- and I tell you what, 95 percent of people on Omegle have taken Truvada -- one interviewee told me, I believe you, I've just seen it last night, because she'd just been on Omegle and heard about it. And she'd been on Truvada for six months, she's on it every single day. And she believes it. And the thing is, it is true. And she is a true hero. And she's lighting up the room every time he says that to her. So thank you, Mr. Truvada. I will certainly be following your brand, along with the rest of you.

This is a screen grab of an infected viewer's screen from a recent Omegle show, The Most Incredible ID Ever Told. Photo: screengrab.

When somebody says, I have HIV, what they really mean is, I want to live. Literally. Literally -- they don't mean that literally. What they mean is, I want to be free of HIV. Now, that's a big n word. But it's the big I. There's really no us. There's no CDC, no state government, nothing. It's a big I.

What I have always believed is that we've got to revolutionize medicine. And I started looking into that when I heard about Avast. For the last four years, I've been working crazy hours, I have no weekends, and I still can't believe I'm saying this. But there's this thing in web browsers called Fast and Wild, by the way. Fast and Wild is the best browser engine for five years, if not forever. And the thing is, as amazing and powerful as it is, it's missing something that would make a huge difference.

Now, I used to believe that there was only one way to find out what that missing piece of magic was. I started working with a researcher who studies HIV at King's College London -- Dr. Jane Collins -- and we started working on this. And she and I have the same theory: the one size fits all theory. And we looked it up in the journal PLOS Medicine. Now, if you're wondering how I know -- well, the truth is, I don't even care, really -- but I do care, so here it is. The one

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