What is the best, free-to-use audio/video recording software for a PC?

What is the best, free-to-use audio/video recording software for a PC?

, I have just got a free screen recorder called ActivePresenter. I am using it to create screencasts and it is great. The program is completely free and you don’t have to install anything else on your computer.You can use the free version for 30 days, but you can also buy the Pro version which provides more features and a more secure environment to work in. I am not going to explain the full features in this review, so here is a short list of features:• You can record up to 20 videos in one session.• When you record a video, it automatically saves the recording to your desktop.• You can share the recording with friends and family.• When you finish recording, you can export your video to an mp4 file.• If you want to save the recording, just click the icon in the notification area.• If you want to change the time for the recording, you can right click on the recording and choose the option to record in different time zones.• You can create a playlist or an offline playback for later viewing.• You can add notes and pictures to the recording and share them with other users.• You can create playlists or an offline playback for later viewing.• The program is designed to be completely secure, so there is no access to your system files, photos or any other sensitive information.It's amazing that you can record your screen while you are at work or school, anywhere! This program can help you

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Arkansas Supreme Court says it will decide a new lawsuit filed by the state's largest law enforcement union and others seeking to bar the U.S. Supreme Court from taking part in the nation's most expensive U.S. presidential election.

The court on Tuesday denied a request by a group of law enforcement unions and others to lift the court's stay on the case. The move means the justices will hear the case on Oct. 19, the same day a special election is scheduled in Arkansas, and decide whether to take up the case.

The case could affect the presidential race as well. The court could hear arguments in the case, as well as an appeal by the White House, in the coming days or weeks. The case is being watched closely by state, local and national attorneys as it tests the legal right of political parties to challenge the election results.

The Arkansas Republican Party and the state chapter of the National Rifle Association both sued in March. The court's ruling Tuesday did not affect the lawsuit because it was filed only four days before a special election.

The groups want the Supreme Court to hear the case to challenge the outcome of the presidential election in November.

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