What has been your best experience on random video chat sites like chatroulette and omegle?

What has been your best experience on random video chat sites like chatroulette and omegle?

I honestly can't think of any. It is possible that no one would ever use these sites at all, that these sites force people to engage in dangerous and potentially illegal behavior. But I don't believe that. The sheer number of people using these sites tells its own story. These sites are social media, they are live video chats, and people are using them in surprisingly diverse ways.

At its core, random video chat is a chatroulette of video chat sites. The random number generator on omegle is just one of many sites people are using to host live chats. Some of the sites on let people randomly pick from among a live stream of videos hosted in their chat room, or randomly list all the users in their invited group as friends or strangers. A number of the sites on the site randomly choose videos from a wide variety of video servers, making it easier than ever for people to choose a video to be their chat channel. And of course, the live streams on these sites are all hosted in the sites themselves, so no servers, no hosting company, no video hosting company matters.

What's fascinating is that as these random video chat sites have evolved over the years, they have allowed people to take a room-scale approach to video chat. They let you have groups of up to 100 people, let them set the quality of the video and set the language settings, the list goes on. And the site also shows you the channel divvies up into individual people channels based on how many people are invited to the channel, and also based on how many people are online at the time. So you can have this kind of intelligent discrimination that is difficult or impossible with a pure broadcast channel.

But what's really exciting about these sites is that instead of just having a single big channel, which would be unmanageable for large groups, you can have a site that splits people's channels into smaller groups based on their individual skill sets and preferences. Imagine you had a video chat site where you could have a channel for architects and a channel for plumbers. And you could have that split down to individual users based on their skill sets. That would be an incredible enhancement of the interactive and collaborative interaction we humans can provide to host a video chat.

And we've been doing this on sites like Omegle for years. We split up the internet into smaller groups and let users create individual websites with individualized text chat rooms for their specific preferences and skill sets. And this has allowed people to take the site and turn it into something they themselves find enjoyable and productive. I use a combination of the site and the site tools to host my website, but I don't create the website myself. It's just a link in the address bar to a web page that takes me to the home page where you can see a live video chat with someone who makes contact through the webcam.

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