What crazy things have you seen on omegle chatroulette etc?

What crazy things have you seen on omegle chatroulette etc?

Yeah, I'm sure there are a few things I haven't seen yet, but as the video says, we're not watching omegle, you're not seeing everything. But again, it's about the power of this idea that the vast majority of the people on the web are pretty good at what they do. The problem is, very few of them are particularly good at what they do what you're doing. And so they're sifting through this massive amount of garbage. And if you're trying to sort it out, it's often not very helpful.

So what this video's saying is, guys, stop and think about what you're doing. Are you actually optimizing the stuff that you're sifting through? Or are you actually making stuff up that people want to see? And if you're trying to sort it out, what do you do then? Do you flip a switch and make the internet awesome again?

So what this tells me is: we need to rethink what platforms matter, and that means, for the first time in human history, important issues are not fixed by a simple tweak on an app or a website, they require sustained engagement. So important issues like racial inequality, climate change, income inequality, criminal justice, education policy, energy policy ... these matters require sustained engagement, and so doing justice to these issues requires sustained engagement. And that means important issues need to be front and center in the political conversation.

And so what this tells me is: we need to rethink everything. Politics has shifted dramatically since the 1960s. I've just been shown this new video, this crazy video, and I have to say, HOLY SH*T, ISN'T IT GREAT?!? That's my three-minute-30-second introduction. I've also just seen a new book that I've been meaning to read for a long time, Freakonomics by John McAfee. It's a fascinating book, really important. But the thing I found most interesting about this video was not that it was amazing, it's that we finally have proof that we actually caused this video. We actually could have some kind of answer as to what was going on in Michael Brown's head.

This video, if true, would shake everything we thought we knew about how our brains fire off messages to one another. It would rewrite everything we thought we knew about how emotions move us forward. It would probably even tear down a few walls between us.

But it's not true. Actually, it's the opposite. This proof that something we thought we knew is wrong is good news. It means we can learn from things. It's good news. And we should all be using this information to do things differently.

Here's how it starts.

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge what you don't know. For most situations, we already

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