What are your weirdest funniest stories from using chatroulette or omegle?

What are your weirdest funniest stories from using chatroulette or omegle?

CHENEY: Hilarious, weirdest. OHIO: I don't even know if you've heard this, but if you have, then you're obviously aware that within the last five years, fatal driving incidents in Ohio have decreased by 40 percent. This is a pretty substantial reduction, and it's been attributed to the use of public transportation and bicycling. But there's more to it than that. Bicyclists are 25 percent more likely to die in crashes, whether it's the driver's own negligence, drugs or alcohol, speeding, improper passing, distracted driving, or any number of other factors. So it goes back to the fundamental principle of choice -- that you should be able both to get where you want to go and not feel the need to drive. But we also know from research into omegle and fatal crashes that if we want to have a society that's healthy and happy, we need to have a society where people can choose to get on their bikes and explore neighborhoods and engage with other people and enjoy themselves. And if we can make that choice for them in a space that they find empowering, I think they will stay safer and I think we will see a corresponding increase in other kinds of space exploration. We did that in the '80s. We did that again in the '90s. And now, two years after Ohio and five years after Ohio legalized omegle, fatal crashes are down by 40 percent in that state. They are up by 30 percent in Maryland, and by 40 percent in Washington, which has now become the first U.S. state to legalize omegle. So I think that combination of education, technology, and law enforcement -- allowing people to have that choice -- I think we are about to revolutionize how we police and regulate their use.

BOBB: And what about omegle's competitors? What about all the guys that sold hot girls -- that were just like, hey, I'm not into hot girls, but we have to have omegle girls --

OHIO: Yeah, but wait a minute. We also made omegle legal.

BOBB: And what about those guys -- are they contributing to this societal problem, contributing to inciting women to seek illicit sex?

OHIO: Oh, yeah, they are. And it's a very serious problem. OHIO: Omegle doesn't make a good product. It doesn't sell a lot of product. And the bad part is that most girls who use it don't want to use it. They call up and order a different product.

BOBB: OK, but do they know what's in it? Do they know what's in it?

OHIO: No, they don't know anything about this product. It comes in a can. Can in a can. We know what's in it.

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