What are some positive experiences you have had on websites like chatroulette or omegle?

What are some positive experiences you have had on websites like chatroulette or omegle?

To be honest, I have never seen a change happen. Most people who are involved in this initiative, they believe that this will somehow change people's attitudes towards chatting. Actually, it will probably make them a little bit more uncomfortable. But there will always be people who don't want to change. And they'll always find ways to find different things to do. This is what we're going to keep doing, just in different forms. It's better to make choices without thinking about them, than to think about them and act on them later. The important thing is that people are always going to act on those choices later. And that's the most important thing. If you can force that behavior in people, all kinds of problems will happen later, because you got to have choices later.

What I have found in my research is that the more people are involved, the more powerful they get. The more people are involved, the more power they have. And the more they have, the more opportunity there is for good behavior change.

So you're saying that if you don't change the people that are involved, the problem doesn't exist?

Yes. Every single program that I have looked at has been proven to be effective at changing behavior.

So are there any programs that actually are effective at changing people?

There are several that I have looked at recently, and they are proven to be very, very effective at changing people's behavior. And they include ... well, most of them do, actually, but particular ones ...

Every single one of those three things has to happen for anything like 95 percent of these programs to work. And it only takes one thing: somebody has to agree.

Now, some of you might be thinking, Dr. Barrett, why would you need to agree on something as important as something as important as OKAYAY. After all, all you're doing is giving somebody else a free pass to do things that you don't want them

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