What are chances of being recorded on both omegle and chatroulette?

What are chances of being recorded on both omegle and chatroulette?

Guess. Let's say, 1 in 250,000. That's a really low bar to clear. Even 1 in 1000 people will ever clear it. And in that one case, chatroulette, they gave up so much user data -- your e-mail address, your location, your gender, your age -- that they were able to track down your zip code. And they used that information to profile your interests and watch you as you walked down the street. And they sold your zip code to an online dating service that used it to find you online. And that's incredibly valuable data, but it's not going to get you to the next level. We want to figure out what kinds of connections people have, and figure out how to use that to our advantage. And that means we need to understand what kind of information people like and don't like. And that means we need to collect that kind of information.

And so we started asking questions about that. We asked, What kinds of information might we like to collect from people on these sites? And we asked, What kinds of data might we like to collect from users of these sites? And what came out was, the vast majority of people -- about 90 percent -- said that they would like to see more information about who they are and what they buy. And that number shot up when we asked about sexually explicit information. But the data showed that people actually overwhelmingly -- almost universally -- are not interested in that kind of information. They want to know what their profile looks like if they participate in something, how many friends they have, how many pictures they have snapped of themselves. That's all very valuable information. But when we asked, What kinds of personally identifying information might we like to collect from you? ...

More than half the people who have used omegle have not looked at the site's privacy policy, and in fact, some of the people who are interested in privacy say that they would like to know exactly who has posted to their page, and why. And we found that users have asked for more than just the content of their private photos. They have asked for information about where they were on the web, and even how old they are. And some have even asked for information about financial institutions. And many of these requests have been met with silence.

I don't want to be tracked around the world when I go to sleep at night by U.S. marketers who send me spam emails. That's one question we've gotten repeatedly during the development of the site. We tried various ways of marking this as the not yet public link. One idea was to add a don't yet public button to the bottom. That would make it easier to click, but it would have been harder for someone to find and fire back at a user. Users also wanted to be able

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