Reddit what's your funniest weirdest encounter on sites like omegle chatroulette etc?

Reddit what's your funniest weirdest encounter on sites like omegle chatroulette etc?

Mark: There's no weirdest weirdest encounter. It's the fact that people from all over the world are coming together and building something and sharing it.

Joy: I would have to say, chatroulette. I've been using it for five years, today.

One of the things that struck me about the site is that it really, really likes, respects and values the fact that people create these sites and use it for different things. They don't necessarily want to monetize it, or even allow it, but they respect the fact that people are building it that way. And that's really important to me.

So, the other thing that struck me was just how fluid it is. You can use it in 90 seconds on any web browser. It's blazingly clear how to use it, and people are able to use it in a million different ways.

And the biggest draw for me is obviously the massive selection -- there's more than 200,000 women by the hundreds of thousands different boob implants to choose from.

And the site even tells you how big or small that augmentation is depending on how many users you are, which is really pleasing.

But there's loads more to do, lots of different chat rooms, polls, ask me anything -- you name it, there's a way to get a look at it.

And the one thing I would love is, you know, a Google product, just a simple tool to help women figure out how to get the best outcome possible from their chatroulette experience. Just something, just something to help elevate the experience so that it's more like real human interaction, where it matters a lot.

So chatroulette is a game between two extremes: games between good guys and girls and boys, and the ideal of the good guy winning and the world ending.

What you're describing is more or less real life: a fairly equal distribution of intelligence, experience, and opportunity; a society where most people get on; where there's only one real problem; and where there's really only two options: you're either with her, or you're against her.

Not so on chatroulette. The game has gone from the American frontier with its Wild West elements, with outlaws, guns, and poison oak; it's now part of the 21st century's traditional mix: a mix of civilization and barbarism.

Let me explain. On the U.K. side of the line, in Birmingham, I found a large, unpleasant-looking demographic. I invited over a glass of wine with them and we had a conversation. In ten years time, will they be able to remember this conversation? Probably not. But 20 years from now, will they remember the conversation they had with me? Probably

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