Reddit have you ever had a relationship through omegle chatroulette?

Reddit have you ever had a relationship through omegle chatroulette?

Alexa: [laughs] Yup. [laughs]

Craig: [laughs] That was our favorite, too. That was really fun, but we're out of time.

So what do you guys think? Should the FBI, or the state, or corporations ...

Alexa: [laughs] It depends who you ask. I think the... people in tech think that companies are out of control. That they're terrorist sympathizers. That whatever corruptive power they exercise over you, is somehow outweighed by the rights and freedoms of their users. I think that's just not true. I think the tech community thinks that it has these sort of rules and regulations governing its behavior. Well, the truth is that most tech companies, and to a lesser extent, service providers, are generally not supervised by regulators or governments. In fact, most techs think that they are insulated from most regulation because they're tech companies. So when the government comes calling, they typically don't know the company that they're after.

Craig: Yeah, and that's true of everything.

Alexa: Exactly. So when it comes to identity -- well, we've talked about that. Right now, we're going to go back to our original point.

Craig: So the next time a politician says, You don't have a legitimate right to ask that question, he's actually paraphrasing a First Amendment principle. Which is: Nobody has a legitimate right to ask a question that they don't intend to be answered.

In other words: don't ask.

Alexa: Right. So that leads us to the real question. Like I said, we're going to ban politicians, tech CEOs, corporate cops from asking legitimate questions. But what about the rest of us? What about the rest of us that doesn't have a politician, a CEO, a media mogul, an Internet mogul, an Internet corporation, an activist billionaire on their team, in their organization? What about us ordinary people, just like you, needing a little bit of everything, and needing a little bit of everything right now?

Craig: Yeah. It's true. It's also true that in a democracy, if you're not getting what you want, and you don't want to be a consumer of politics, and you don't want to be an activist, then you don't need to ask.

Alexa: Right. Yeah. Exactly.

So the question then becomes: who does want to be a consumer? Well, the answer is you.

You. Who do you want to be a consumer of politics?

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