People who masturbate on omegle chatroulette why?

People who masturbate on omegle chatroulette why?

Firstly, everyone is new, even me. So it's not like we all know each other, but it's obvious that we both like to masturbate. And we also know that a lot of young women on omegle just want to have sex with anybody. And as soon as we have a match, we usually start it. And from there, it's always have an orgasm every time. And so we usually just keep on fucking, even though we know it's not going to last. And so we just keep fucking, and fucking, fucking, fucking, and then eventually, we both just...

So there I was, having just explained that I masturbate every now and then, and someone had emailed to say that they also sometimes like to webcam chat naked. So I went on chatroulette to do just that. And boy, was I ever surprised. There I was, in all my skimpy clothes, chatting naked with nobody but my viewers. I even got a little bit bit dirty, just for kicks. But nothing happened. And I was about to lose hope when suddenly, in the space of a few minutes, I was transformed into...

Wait a minute. What was that?

I was transformed into Kayleigh, the chatroulette for girls. I don't know if that makes sense. Guys and girls. Young guys and girls. Got it? Great. So when somebody else clicked through to the centre of the screen, they got turned into a video of Kayleigh. And as soon as she got turned, the next person who clicked went into that same chat. And so on. And on.

It was like...we have this natural impulse to click, to go right to chat. But you know what I'm doing? I'm actually going to flip out. I'm actually going to mute that chat. Because I'm going to be such a terrible human being, to turn that video on and off like that. I'm just going to...

So I'm going to mute that chat. Because... Okay, so I'm going to mute that chat. So here's the deal. If somebody is clicking through and they're not sure what to do, I'll show them a dialogue box. You can sort of guess what they're going to do. I usually just have one of those right next to me. And if somebody is wearing nothing but a red thong and a pink thong, and they do the nice thing and clicks through to the centre of the screen, they get a nice pink chatroulette thong. And if they do a naughty thing and gets a red thong, then they get a pink chatroulette thong to go along with it.

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