People who go on chatroulette have you ever met someone in person you saw there?

People who go on chatroulette have you ever met someone in person you saw there?

Yeah. I mean, I've met people in person on there. I'm not saying they're geniuses, but you would think that a 20-year-old kid from Romania or something like that, who had just appeared on the scene, that he would have a pretty modest YouTube following, right? He doesn't. He has about 200,000 subscribers to his channel, and about eight videos a day. And so I sat there, transfixed, transfixed, as this kid just went on and on about video games, and he just seemed to get this universal message across: you don't necessarily need to know about how to make a video game, you know, to get an inside look at what's going on here. And I've sat there, and I've listened to him give talks, and I thought, here's a guy who is at least somewhat knowledgeable, at least a little bit conversational, at least a little bit conversational about video games. And then the question is, how do you know someone is a good interviewer? Well, you can just say you don't like the subject, which I had done, and I would have no way of knowing whether he'd like it or not. So I'd have to be very precise. And you can imagine, though, the amount of time it would have taken me to play Who's That Pok\u00e9mon? again and again just to be absolutely sure he was telling the truth.

And that's what I've come to expect on chatroulette, and that's what I want other people who are interested in programming languages to get. I want them to get a glimpse into how languages actually think, and that's what I'm going to try to show on chatroulette today.

So I'm going to start with hello world. It's pretty simple actually -- it's just two boxes, A and B, with a button in the middle. So let's say we want to have a conversation. And let's say we want to have a conversation with chat.exe -- I'm going to call it chat.exe because that's the executable we're going to be playing around with here -- with a conversation that looks something like this.

So here's how we'd have to go about having that conversation. I open the conversation in hello world. Now, you can have any conversation in hello world with any number of different options in between, and I just made a selection, which is called a backspace after the fact.) To return to the original question: how do you have a conversation with something like that, I'd say is that something that you value or are you driven to make it extremely difficult to leave?

So my point is: if you look at open source projects, the projects that are driven more than any other project by the community, not just the individual creators, but the developers -- driven

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