M4f that person on chatroulette could be anyone?

M4f that person on chatroulette could be anyone?

In that moment, are you ready to face reality? Do you have the courage?

I believe that anyone can change. Anyone can reach their full potential. Anyone can become the most amazing person in the world. And that anyone can achieve everything they do because they - whatever their background, whatever their circumstances - have a basic drive and a belief that matter a thousand: they will achieve, they will succeed, it doesn't matter what they've done, that person has a will of their own. And it's these things that will enable them to overcome even the hardest of odds. And it's these same things that will enable them to transform their lives. So I ask you to believe in me. I believe in the power of aspiration. I believe that every child on this planet deserves to live a life of personal, creative, social and perhaps even religious fulfilment. I also believe that every child on this planet deserves to live their childhood. I just want to tell you one thing. No. 2 on the list of things you absolutely must do before you can host a party is to get a load of the opposite number, and that is to get a load of the opposite number to number one. If you get a load of ten, that means we've got a problem. We've got to be on the look-out for somebody who may be deliberately trying to drain us of what we have. I mean, we're on the verge of a kind of ecological cataclysm. I mean, this is cataclysmic, and it's going to wipe out the dinosaurs. It may not happen in 10 years' time, but we can be absolutely certain that, if we don't start now, we're going to end up with a space marine, and that's a really bad thing.

And we've got to act now, before it's too late. The cataclysm is here. It's about to hit us from the inside out. And it's about time we acted.

We've been at this for 150 years. The church didn't start shooting people on Sunday.

It started shooting people on Sunday -- shooting people on Sunday, for the very first time in recorded human history. And the reason is because the people were actually doing something on Sunday. They were getting together and actually having an exchange of ideas about what was important in life. This started a chain of events that has seen it become the most important secular holiday of the year for almost everyone.

And the thing is, as Holacracy -- this is the great thing about this, you know. It's not just that they're combining ... You know, it's not just that it's a system. It's a social system. You know, people are no strangers to social gatherings. You know, you go to a social gathering, you're surrounded by people who you

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