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Is there cam sites similar to chatroulette?

Yeah. There's a lot of them. We have about 3,000 right now. And the one thing you need to understand is that a lot of these are bots, they're not real people. They're just file-sharing bots, they take about a minute to set up and a few bucks a month to download. So we've helped a ton of people here at Vimeo, and we're going to help a ton more. But the thing that I've learned from helping these guys is that you have to be willing to roll out the red carpet after you've helped them. Because the people you're helping -- and here I'm not insulting you -- but the people you're helping, they deserve better. And we are not here to serve you. We are here to help -- we are the real cam girls, rolling out the red carpet after sheikhs.

So here's what we offer. We offer cam to be camel sex, cam to be paddle boarding, cam to be horseback riding, cam to be horseback riding, camel sex -- we also offer horseback riding and horseback riding with a girl, paddle boarding and horseback riding with a girl. And when you order, you can select the level of horseplay. If you don't like it, you can cancel it at any time. If you get into a fight, you can settle it in any of these ways: with a guy on his land, in a chivalric order, in a church, at a divorce court. You can also email the other person and ask for money -- and we don't want to collect any of that, either. So we're really friendly, we're really helpful. And we're really, really happy when someone decides to donate and spend it on things she wants, or on things for her pet chihuahua, or on things for her wedding gift, or on things for her daughter's christmas present.

But we're not just happy customers. We're also powerful. When someone signs up on our site and she chooses between buying things she wants or spending her money, things she wants, we get a small percentage of every purchase. We don't tell her that information, obviously. But we do know that she gets to choose what type of information is collected. So in the future, we do want to keep a lot of her information, because a lot of her information is personal but we don't want to sell it, so a lot of her personal information stays with the site. But we also want to keep a lot of her information secure, so if one of our users in the future decides to harm her own property or her own family, that user will go after the owner of the website, not her customers.

So this is really powerful. It means that we can demand that companies do things our way, or else. So we can protect ourselves by being really clear