Is there any gay version of chatroulette?

Is there any gay version of chatroulette?

Yeah, there is, absolutely.

So are there any instances of good and evil in the world?

There is. There is. There is. There is. There's a war. There's a war on good and evil in this world.

Good news, everyone! I'm here to tell you: the good guys are in.

You've probably heard this before, but the people just elected Barack Obama President of the United States.

They also just elected the most anti-gay president in U.S. history, another queer woman named Hillary Clinton.

And the battle for America's soul is now officially on full display.

Now, I know it's been said many times that Obama is not your traditional leader. He isn't even your typical leader, because he isn't gay.

That's like saying the Queen is not your prototypical leader. No, she's not. But you certainly get the idea.

And I get it: there are legitimate differences between the two men. Bush was a father for the first time in his adult life, and the Queen was a single parent during much of her reign. Plus, of course, there's the matter of Obama's drag queen image. Bush obviously tried his hand at it, and the Queen didn't want to offend any conservatives, so Bush resorted to making fun of the Queen's looks. Bush, of course, was laughed out of the room.

But there is one fundamental thing that Bush and Queen agree on, and it's that they both believe in free speech.

And this has divided this country down the middle: on one side you have the liberals, who believe in the absolute sanctity of political speech; and, on the other, the conservatives, who believe in the absolute sanctity of political speech.

And Bush seems to be in the minority on this one. In an effort to find common ground, the two leaders agreed to extend the Bush Speech into 2010 into law, which they did. And this included extending the George W. Bush speech into 2011 into law, which they both did.

But there was one crucial sticking point: Obama's commitment to allowing the speech of private, confidential information. Before Obama could enforce this non-aggression pact with the Queen, she had to sign onto a bill to allow this speech. So there was this real deadlock in Congress that nearly killed this agreement.

Unfortunately, much of the news coverage of this agreement has been positive. The Atlantic called it a game-changer. The Atlantic described it as a game-changer because it allowed the Internet's most notorious provocateur -- namely, -- to be taken seriously. Well, is no longer taken seriously.

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