Is there any free website like Omegle which allows gender selection?

Is there any free website like Omegle which allows gender selection?

You know she has a big, beautiful smile -- a very good look, all things considered. Don't act like a little kid when you're hanging out with her -- you're old enough to know the difference.And then there's the one thing that should really make you a man-child and the one thing you're too afraid to say: "I'm sorry, I'm going out with Charlie." What a bummer -- and why don't you give it some serious thought?

What was your biggest inspiration for writing?

I'm really good at remembering my biggest inspirations, because I can see them right away, and when I first began to write, I knew I had to write something about the Holocaust, because I've always thought about it. But it just sort of came out organically, and I wrote about the same thing all the time.

What is your most memorable piece of music?

How do you feel about modern music?

I feel a lot of nostalgia about it, because there's so much of it out there and I have a lot of old-fashioned stuff to compare it to. The last time I listened to any music was when I was a kid and that was when I was like 10, and there was nothing to compare it to, and I was completely obsessed with this thing called

Don't think it's cute to hang out with your little sister -- and it's not like you don't have friends you could hang out with. You know the drill. Don't get any closer than 10 feet!

posted on 09/21/2008 03:35 PM PDT

My mom's a good friend of mine. We talk about her sometimes on the phone. I don't think she's that bad of a person. She's always been an excellent person. I have a daughter of my own. I am her little brother. I love her and wish her the best. The last time I saw her she was in a bad place. I would never want to see her in a bad place again. She was crying in her own room. I would be a horrible parent to her and her son. I know I would. I wish I was better than that. I would never hurt my wife.

posted on 09/21/2008 04:02 PM PDT

The above was a response to your post:

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but it doesn't explain why Dana would feel so strongly that she shouldn't be allowed to hang out with Charlie.

posted on 09/21/2008 05:25 PM PDT

My sister-in-law is a wonderful woman. She is so nice and generous and so nice. She is so kind. Her daughter is lovely.

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