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Is there a website where you can voice chat with a random stranger?

I've tried to use the Internet Archive for that, and it doesn't work. However, I was able to find a number of videos, some of them really interesting. They are listed here: I recommend to see if you can find a video that is relevant to you, if you can, you're on the right track. Some good videos are:

Image copyright AFP Image caption President Barack Obama has been pushing for a deal for years

The US has warned Israel to take action against its own settlers after a rocket fired from Gaza exploded on a southern Israeli town, killing a baby.

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said the rocket struck a home, wounding a woman. He said Israel must take action immediately.

Israel said it had carried out its response.

It hit more than a dozen targets in Gaza overnight and warned of "thousands more" to come.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The rocket, which landed near a home in the northern town of S

It is very easy to get sucked into the vortex of channels like talkshoe, ryohime, and many others. I could not find any good information on them and I also could not find any of them useful. They should be discontinued. I could not find a channel on with a focus on "pro-science" topics. It has no users at all. I don't know what is going on there. It is not helpful. I would love for someone to find a channel with more of a focus on the science side of things, but I can't find it. If it is an "anti-scientific" channel, it is pretty worthless.

I find it quite helpful to find websites and podcasts which are actually about science, not just pseudoscience. It is especially useful if your aim is to discuss some scientific topic.