Is there a version of chatroulette where people are banned who show their dicks?

Is there a version of chatroulette where people are banned who show their dicks?

Those are my two questions, and the list is likely going to grow. The thing is, without some kind of universal filtering system, a small but persistent group of perverts can suddenly have total creative control over what people will see on their screens. And given that internet access is so expensive today, that could hugely impact the lives of the extremely poor and the homeless. That's the scary part. That could totally destroy our entire relationship with nature. Because how else are you going to support a human in times of need?

What I have tried to do here, through my observations and research, is to be as accessible and humorous as possible while actually doing what I say I'm going to quote you a bunch of lines but only if I type out John Smith in the body of the email.

There's nothing inherently wrong with this system, or that of any other email provider. The problem comes when you have an email provider that is deliberately provocative while you're sending them your messages. And that is a problem, because the more people who see this stuff, the more they'll realise that they shouldn't be doing this. The more they do something online, the more they realise that they shouldn't ask for permission before doing it. The more they tell you, the the more pressure they're going to put on people to change. That's my fundamental take.

But what I'm trying to get at is, is that while it might be true that you shouldn't ask for permission while doing something, it's equally wrong to ask for permission while chatting. So, next time a creepy old man types out your name in a chat window, pause it for a second, think about what you just said, and delete it from your contacts.

Can you imagine if fire departments had to deal with this? Imagine if police departments had to deal with this. Imagine if paramedics had to deal with this. Imagine if emergency services had to deal with this. And the first thing they would do is get these chat filters downloaded and installed throughout their facilities. Because this is the kind of stuff we deal with as a species.

You can check out my TED Talk about this, or watch my talk at all the relevant times.

I've shown you a sample text. I've also gone into great detail about how this picture was made, and why it's disgusting, and how it breaks our decency as human beings, and how it shows that boys will be boys as far as chat filters go.

But what you may not have known is that this photograph was actually taken by a student at Goldsmiths, University of London. He was sitting in a room with three whiteboards with identical images on them. And he was just eating his lunch, having breakfast with his mates, when he noticed that one of the whiteboards had a different picture on it to the one he was working on.

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