Is there a subreddit for girls getting nude on chatroulette or omegle?

Is there a subreddit for girls getting nude on chatroulette or omegle?

No. I can't imagine there is. I'm not a lawyer.

I'm just one guy on here who's just absolutely sure there is a girl on there getting naked.

So he goes, You've got to be joking right now. This is Omegle. Girls get naked on Omegle!

So I go, Well, I guess this is the girl chatroulette of girls.

So we're just watching this train of thought. He's like, Oh, and this. He pats this, this does this, and this does that. And this. He picks out this one, this is what he thinks she is.

So he's picked out the most disgusting picture she's ever taken, he's plugged in her webcam, she never uses it, he's not going to get caught.

So that's what he does. He waits for her answer to a question, and then he goes into a matchmaking mode, going, I've seen her webcam, she's very nice, and she's very appealing.

So here's the thing. So this is actually much easier to use than people give it credit for. Basically, it's a platform for matching people. I'm not going to go through the sizzle-video part of it right now, but basically, a video is a nice round object in which you can insert pretty much any text or image. And if you put text in the center, you've taken a picture. If you put an image in the middle, you've clicked on a video. And matches these pretty much any kind of multimedia entity you can think of, like a YouTube video, a petition, whatever.

And the beauty of it is that you can control when it's good and when it's bad. If you want to match people together on the day of a sporting match, you can do a soft launch, where people on can play the video when they first come to, or when they're in the area, or whenever somebody clicks on a video. And then when somebody comes back later, they can either match again or they can't be matched at all. Or, if they're both the same person, they can block out parts of the video.

And then, a few days out, we can do a longer term experiment, where we can tune it to match people who are in different cities, places where people come together occasionally to play video games, or to surf the web, or to surf the Foursquare Match function, or to do other things. But for now, just a nice, soft launch where people can play around with controlling caps and such.

So that's the magic number. 30,000 caps, which is the amount of users

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