How can I find random people online to Skype with?

How can I find random people online to Skype with?

Can I have a Skype call with an individual from a particular country?

Yes, Skype offers free voice calling to over 190 countries worldwide.

I’m looking for people from other countries. Can I chat with them there?

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to chat with someone from a country where you do not speak the language. You will need to speak the language of that country in order to have a decent chat.

Do people from different countries talk to each other?

There are no national accents, and the people you speak to have a great deal in common. They will also be looking for you for a variety of reasons, such as a job, travel, business, etc.

Do they have different accents?

Yes, some people speak in English and some in a different language, or are very fluent in a foreign language. If you speak to someone speaking a foreign language you might ask what they are saying, and how much they speak it, in order to make sure that they understand you.

Does Skype help you learn a language?

Yes, if you can communicate in your preferred language. Skype makes it easy to communicate between you and your friend from another country.

What is the fastest way to contact me on Skype?

Simply type my name into the box on the left and hit send. If you are speaking in a different language (English, Spanish, German

What if I don't want to meet someone for a Skype meeting?

Well that's ok too, I have also got some other things on my agenda to talk about so we can have the Skype meeting.

What should I tell the person who is calling?

Tell them you want to have a Skype meeting, tell them about the upcoming talks you are going to in Stockholm (or other places) and tell them you are willing to join them for a coffee, lunch, or dinner (if you want) on the days when you will meet. You can also mention that you need to get your stuff from home as soon as possible to get ready for the talks you are going to be doing (so they can give you some time to get settled).

What if I want to get a hold of someone?

Email me at nathan[at] or write to me by post at

Who else can I reach if I need help with my project?

We have been talking about some ideas for a free online course called The OpenSource Life by Nathan Mack which is currently being used by students around the world in various courses all over the world.

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