Have you everg fell in love with a stranger on chatroulette?

Have you everg fell in love with a stranger on chatroulette?

I have, but it was with a girl and her parents. I thought it was going to be long and complicated. I was wrong. It was so easy, I didn't even realise how easy it was. I was thinking, This is it, this is the part where you drop to the floor and cry. But then I realised I'm not crying, I'm laughing. Because I'm so happy that I did the right thing, the right thing. I thought to myself, This is it. I'm going to get to do good things. But I'm not. I'm not.

What I have learned is that no matter how hard you work, or how much you sacrifice, or how much you fear, or how much you hate, or how much you love at first sight, or how much you fear for your loved one, it does not magically make you a good person. No, it does not magically make you a better person. You are, however, more likely to be a happy, secure, successful person.

So whether you love someone or not, whether you really love them, you can do better. You can choose to. You can do the research. You can ask friends. You can learn the information you need to make that choice. And most of all, you can CHANGE.

Now that's bold talk. Let's see how this works in practice. I'm going to build a virtual world, an ever-growing one at that, with hundreds of thousands of users, and we're going to use a graph to represent the world. The users are going to be anonymous, of course. So I'm just going to have a bar graph, a thermometer- reading graph, with days as a decimal point, and the users are going to be named users. I'm going to have a text-graph, and the users are going to be named entries. And so we're just going to use the name entries in this paper.

So here's how I would represent the users. I would have a user enter their name, and then a simple graph would appear.

Then I would give them granularity. By giving granularity, they can start to get interesting. For example, they could get even more interesting if I gave them a thousand entry choices, which is thousands of entry they could not distinguish between male and female. So here's a thousand entry they cannot distinguish between.

So I could start to get a sense of what the world would be like.

But what if I wanted to expand the granularity? What if I wanted to give it a thousand different degrees of openness, a thousand different ways in which they could enter the world?

So I start by making entries that are going to be really hard for them to enter. So here's an entry that says, I cannot distinguish

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