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Have you ever found your so on omegle chatroulette etc and how is that?

So I went through all of the above that you would think would be the most ubiquitous chatroulette type of conversation. Actually there's over 200 with more coming, and a lot of them you can kind of picture as a guy and a girl talking to each other in a darkened room. And they're both playing music and you can tell by the way their faces light up that the guy and the girl are enjoying themselves immensely, but it's not really the music that's captivating them, it's the interaction that's so stimulating to them.

So the first thing you want to get is a bit of an impression before you start, so I started with Dancing Queen by Neil Diamond. I heard her, I really did, Hello, my name is Debbie. I'm from Wales. I just wanted to say how much I love the music here in Australia. It's so much more musical than the music I hear in my country. I mean, it's just like you said, it's more tonal. I mean, it's just like, it's just like -- Oh, I see, I said. And she goes, Yeah, you know, I think the Beatles would be pretty tickled pink. And I said, Oh, is this your picture? She goes, Yeah, and she puts her arm around me and shakes my shoulder. So we're just dancing along the path, and I say, You know, and I kind of gravitate toward this little gap between her lips, and then you said you were going to break your leg. And she says, Yeah. And she says, And you said you weren't going to go for it. And I say, Yeah.

And she says, And you said you weren't going to tell anyone. And she says, Oh, is that your picture? And she takes my lower left leg in her left hand and she's moving her right knee up and down with her left hand, and then she twists her right knee so that her right knee is between my left and right knee, and then she says, Oh, is this your picture? And she turns and looks at me, and then she turns to her friend, and then she turns to her friend, and she whispers, Is that your picture?

So there I am, I just just put Dancing Queen by Neil Diamond on, and suddenly I'm just going, Oh, my God. She turns and looks at me over her shoulder and she whispers, Is that your picture?

And I look at her -- she's got a look on her face, she's got this look of, you know, What? And she says, Is that your picture?

So the thing that surprised me the most about this experiment was not