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Has anyone here used chatroulette?

CA: So what -- I mean, what are you saying by chatroulette?

Karl: So let's take an example. Imagine you have a broken leg. You get in your car and you're going to have to walk an hour to get to the shop. Now, walking an hour to a shop --

CA: Walk an hour to a chair?

Karl: Yeah. So let's say you're a shopaholic. You're going to shop all day. In fact, you're going to shop for hours. Today's your lucky day! You're going to be able to shop for two hours. In fact, you can shop for hours. And then you can go home and do it again the next day. Now, that's called a contracting out.

Karl: And that's happening all around us. And so what do we do? We fix it. We give up. We say, Enough. This is not right. We say, You know what? This is becoming too much.

CA: Mm-hmm. (Inhales) So you're saying that instead of fixing it, we should be creating new problems. Like, problems with the banking system, for example. Right now, we only have the bad guys in this.

Karl: Yeah. And the good guys are saying, Yes, by giving up, giving up, the bad guys become more powerful. The good guys are getting weaker all the time, and we're giving up on them. So why don't we try something new? Why don't we try something new?

CA: So you're saying that instead of solving the problem, we should be creating the problem.

Karl: Exactly. Exactly.

CA: So let's say you have this idea of having chat in every classroom in the country.

Karl: That would be fantastic, absolutely fantastic.

CA: And what would that look like?

Karl: So we're going to have -- let's call it English 101 --

CA: So we're going to have English 101 --

Karl: So we're going to have an English 101 class. We're going to have four people, and we're going to have Brian, a new student, who is our interpreter. And we're going to have Glenn, a teacher who knows our culture very well; and we're also going to have comedian Liz, who is our comic to help bridge the gap between us. And then we're going to have a fifth person who's just there to introduce ourselves and shake hands.

CA: And we see Alan, your guest, sitting at a table across from Alan. And we see Alan, sitting at a table across from