Does the FBI monitor Omegle?

Does the FBI monitor Omegle?

. but its just a small part of their whole plan.

what about porn on the internet?

most of them do not know or care, but if they do, there is a good chance they will be monitored. they might also monitor your porn-viewing habits (i don't know what you do with that kind of information on the internet). they also might watch your online porn-watching habits and do it over and over again in order to see if you are becoming addicted.

Do you use an app like 'P2P' to check on me?

i do not. i dont know if they do or not. i am really pissed off at the people who use apps like this.

if i pay for an app that has a data plan then do i have to share that data with my ISP or do i only have to give them my name and phone number?

no. you will only have to give them your name and your email address when you buy it.

What's a fair price for an app like 'P2P'?

it depends. some companies offer free or cheap apps. some charge you a fee, and some charge you nothing. i paid about 3.7 bucks for an app called 'P2P' because it was free and so i did not want to be caught sharing that info with my ISP, i just wanted it to be free. i dont mind paying for a service

but it wasnt because they wanted to stop people using it or anything. it was just to see how much bad stuff was coming up and how many people were fucking off there. this is why i know there were real fbi on omegle and that there is some kind of investigation going on on that site. i had no idea that there were fbi on omegle and i have no idea what they are doing and i didnt ask. this is a whole other question but im not going to ask about it and be like im so dumb for asking that.

any other questions?

yes and im not just a dumb person for asking it. i have no idea and i don't care if i am going to die. i just asked and i thought that if i was in jail there would be some kind of investigation and i didnt care if i was there or not. so, i have no idea why i asked and im not going to get caught.

if i was in jail would they have a website like that?

yes. i think the same site that omegle has the FBI monitoring it.

how does this site work?

it's an adult site where people can post pictures and shit like that. there is an area that is for real-looking naked people that people can leave comments on, like if its a girl or a boy or a gay.

how is it monitored?

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