Does anyone know of a chatroulette style site for language learning?

Does anyone know of a chatroulette style site for language learning?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I know there are many sites for language learning. Is there a chatroulette style site that you would recommend? Thanks in advance.

Thank you. I just finished watching Charmed. It's wonderful. I loved it. But I also wanted to say I'm sorry. I didn't know the LGBT community. I didn't know how important it was. I didn't know how many kids were hiding drugs from us. I didn't know that the FBI had a confidential tip line for the LGBT community. I didn't know that the parents of some of our volunteers have been mylifesive allies in trying to find kids who are being groomed online. I didn't know that many of our volunteers had gone on to do incredible things like help rescue lives in danger walking alongside us on the subway. So I'm sorry if I sounded cocky or boastful or anything, just really sorry for what I've done.

I also wanted to apologize to the families who had to endure this. I know it was you who needed this apology. But we both know that you're going to want more. So I'm going to ask for one more thing, and it's really big. Any website or technology that can help parentsstop the sharing of intimate photos of children is of paramount service to society. Period. Whatever data these sites are generating is large enough to outnumber the images. There is simply too much information out there. There is simply too many tips and tricks beingshared around. And if we truly are to have a society in which kids are not only safe from abuse but where abuse is not onlynot happening, then we need a society where abuse is not onlynot happening, then we will have made a huge scientific and technological advance.

And so I ask that you please consider donating whatever you are able to to the families of children who have beenvictims of cyberbullying. Make it a donation every single cent you can. You cando it. We cando it.

And with that, I want to take Sean Paul's question. What's your secret to avoiding internet porn? The internet porn question is a bad one to ask a teenager, because itgenerates a number of false positives. A number of studies have found that teenagers are 4x as likely to get dyspidaenzymes, thefemale sex organ enzyme, as adults are. So teenagersare getting more real porn, but they're also avoiding things that could be triggering.

So teenagersare avoiding real porn with the help of a number of tactics, but one of the most effectiveis the use of browser add-ons. Browser add-ons aretiny tweaks to your browser that turn the browser into a kind of virtual sexdressing room. And I'm talking aboutenhanced features like fast-forward andplaylist navigation,thumbnails support,user-submittedmir

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