Do Indian women use Omegle?

Do Indian women use Omegle?

This past weekend's premiere of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was an exciting time for fans, as we finally got to see Coulson's last days in charge of the team. There were some major developments during the episode, but one particular moment stuck out to me as a really awesome surprise.

In the first act of the episode, Coulson is shown in a dream sequence, in which he and Ward are both shown being chased by Hydra agents. Coulson is trapped in the dream in order to protect a secret.

He wakes up the next morning, and his eyes are filled with pain. He is told by Ward that his father is dead, and that he and Daisy were sent by The Hand.

Coulson is distraught, and he decides to give Ward the ultimatum. Ward's only response is to ask for Coulson's blood. Coulson, in anger, shoots Ward in the head, which instantly kills Ward. Coulson is horrified, and he begins to cry. He then asks The Vision, his long-time mentor, to explain what he did.

The Vision tells him that Ward did not have any knowledge of who he was. Coulson is shocked, and he asks The Vision why Ward was not a member of The Hand. The Vision tells him that the Hand used Ward to take control of S.H.I.E.L.D., and that it

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Image copyright Reuters Image caption The attack came a day after a car bomb killed 12 people in Kabul

Afghan officials say two attackers have blown themselves up outside the US embassy in Kabul, killing at least seven people.

The gunmen used suicide vests and explosives when they entered the embassy complex late on Monday.

The attack came a day after a car bomb killed 12 people near the US embassy in Kabul.

The Taliban said it was behind both attacks, but they did not mention each other by name.

At least seven people were killed and nine wounded in the blasts at the embassy and at the nearby Mazar-e-Sharif museum, Afghan police spokesman Sediq Sediqqi told the AFP news agency.

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