Do girls chat on omegle?

Do girls chat on omegle?

So, is there any good girl that likes to chat with you?

Yes there are girls like that! I'm sure many people that i meet on omegle are actually real girls.

Do girls really talk to you through omegle?

Absolutely! That's the problem with chatting on omegle now! The girls that i'm getting through this chat are actually real girls so they actually do talk to me through this chat. So, I think i'm doing something right by actually finding girls that talk to me.

How do you feel about all of the "trolls" that are on omegle?

I actually don't give a fuck about all the trolls that are on omegle. The real thing is if you are trolling, you will end up getting banned and having all your posts deleted from your account. But that doesn't bother me. My main goal is just to chat with girls. I would rather talk to the girl I am chatting with than to a troll. But, it really depends on what they are posting. If they are talking about my sister then yes, i’ll talk to them because they are a real girl that I really care about. But if it is about someone else or about how funny someone is I will just ignore them and move on.

What about other girls on omegle?

Oh, there are some girls that I really care about too

What is your favorite omegle user

Drake and Kanye West.

How is it that you are a girl who likes omegle?

It's not hard at all. People love Omegle. People love to share pictures, talk to people, and generally it's all just like a fun place to hang out with people.

How would you rate the dating app

It is an app. It works great. But it is not for every girl. It has got people that do like it, but it also has people that are not into it.

How do you rate your own dating experience?

I had a really great experience dating someone in college. We had a great time and we really bonded. It's hard to rate myself on it because i'm so used to just doing all the dating stuff. It's not like i’m always looking for dates. But I'm definitely into it.

What do you want to do after high school and how can you support your community?

I want to go into social work. That's my plan.

How many dates have you had?

I have had around 20 dates and i like to make it count.

What do you do after school?

I'm going to finish my social work degree.

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