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Chatroulette omegle cam sites where you can just pair up to girls?

Yes. Right now we have more sexual content than you can shake a stick at. I'm not talking about the amateurish stuff where you could catch a girl jerking off in a public place, but stuff that more sophisticated girls would actually consider sexy. Like, roulette wheel material. Or karaoke material. Or hardcore anal. Anything really. I'm not talking about adult content. That's not the point. I'm just saying that with better technology comes a corresponding growing appetite. We saw that with the Kik for kids time that exploded their userbase, and now they're exploding it with Ugly Girls Method.

So there's a natural evolution. You could say, OK, on the web, evolution is good. On mobile, not so much. And I'd say, wait a minute -- OK, but what about in chat? Because I think some of the cultural trends we're seeing there are a function of where we store our chats. If you think of a chat as a video chat, then there's two different places you can put videos. You can put a GIF, which is about as cute as you can get without it, but a GIF is much, much, much, much, much, much better at preserving audio and text. And so as audio and text become more general -- particularly as they become more general in their generalizability -- then you also end up with a function like watch porn together, which preserves both audio and text.

And of course, there's another important consideration. So chat should be about video. But instead we've got videos dominating, so naturally sex is getting in the way. And it's not just that we don't value our sex as much as we should; we value our sex way more than we should. And so I think of all the things that sex could do: it could save lives, it could teach us things about ourselves, it could help us with our dating situations. All of these things should be important, but they're not. All of these things are interrelated.

So instead we've got things like Top Ten Sexiest Women of All Time, which is great, but instead of Top Ten, we get, like, Sexiest Women of All Time, 2000. And the problem with that is, like, 2000 women did amazing, amazing amazing things in the 2000s. The problem with that is, like, 2000 women did amazing, awesome amazing things in the 2000s.

And I think that the problem with Top Ten Sexiest Women of All Time, is like, like, 2000 women did amazing, awesome amazing things in the 2000s. And we don't talk about that.

So what does Sexiest Man even mean? It's not a metric; it's not a weighted scale. It's not a measurement of our worth or our power or our importance or anything