Can I play PS4 games that are saved on an external hard drive?

Can I play PS4 games that are saved on an external hard drive?

Be able to download your PS3 games for free off the PS store. Also if you're a PS Plus member then make sure you have access to all the games that you want to download. Just be sure you know the PSN passwords and have a backup PSN setup. Its also best to make sure the PSN servers are offline.

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If you're really desperate you can get the PS3 version but you would be going through Sony again for that one. I know for a fact the PS3 is NOT compatible with the Vita!(PS2 is not compatible either)

It also makes sense if you have multiple PSN accounts, if you buy a game with a free PSN code and you buy a game on one of your PSN accounts the original owners PSN will get credit for the free game so they are still in the loop on all purchases. That way you don't have to pay a dime for a free game. It also helps you avoid the problem that happens to some people when they get multiple copies of a game. If you get two copies of Borderlands 2 in a single account you will still get credit for the free copy of Borderlands 2 on one of your accounts. You don't have to get credit for a free game, it can still be a free game for everyone. Just make sure you have the original account used to purchase it, that is your account that is on the PSN.

It is very unlikely you will be getting the credits for a game, but you can buy the game for $1.99, but you'll get a free copy of the game. And even then, the game will still be free even if you get credit for it.

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