Are most girls recorded on chatroulette?

Are most girls recorded on chatroulette?

JH: I'm not sure. I'm not sure if you have the right kind of data to ask that question about, if you're just collecting this as a question -- yes or no. TR: Are most girls on chatroulette actually watching other people they don't want to see? JH: I think so. TR: Okay. Now, second question. Third thing. JH: So, I was just going to add, I think, that the whole adult industry is an underground economy. That it's run by people who are woefully uneducated and often quite evil, and runs rampant through the girls who for one reason or another -- TR: One reason or another? -- find their way into that underground economy. Now, the alternative to making an underground economy is regulation. The only way to regulate it is regulation, and regulation leads to consent. Coerced or not, girls today give consent at rates that are higher than either sex gives consent. Both sexes. So the third point, which is perhaps the hardest for men to grasp, is that rape is never merely an isolated incident; it is part of the dynamic that creates the other two points. If you think of rape as a one-way street -- if the man is physically removed from a partner, he's likely to be violated sexually as well; that's a social cue that a woman is likely to be unwilling or unable to separate those two things. And so as a rule of thumb, you'd want to avoid having sex with just one person at a time, unless you're really, really adventurous, in which case it might make more social sense to take a detour and have sex with several people.

JH: I didn't realize rape was a social cue. TR: That's true. Rape is a social cue.

JH: But it's not always alcohol.

TR: And it's not always drugs.

JH: But it is always rape, doesn't it?

TR: It is not always rape.

JH: And you're with me on this one, Sophie?

TR: No, I'm not with her. It's an interesting point of view.

JH: But you are a lawyer, Sophie, and you would agree that this statement is false if you were--if you were representing a woman who was undergoing a rape crisis.

TR: [Laughter] Yes, I do.

JH: Would you say that that statement is false if it were made by a man?

TR: I would say it is false if it were made by a man.

The line is very blurry. It was very -- it seems to me that if we're going to enforce the law, we ought to enforce it uniformly, so that no one is discriminated against on

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