Anyone else go onto text only chatroulette sites to shitpost memes?

Anyone else go onto text only chatroulette sites to shitpost memes?

Some of the more risqu\u00e9 content from the above linked sites is embedded at the bottom of this article. You can navigate by site, language, or by clicking on the icons.

For those of you who are curious, my penis is a big red X.

I have had multiple offers of masturbation from kids in swim trunks and t-shirts, but I have never gone public with my video. I wanted to show how kids are being presented with the opportunity to experience sex without actually doing anything illegal.

I recorded a video of myself doing nothing illegal, with my son in the background. I hope you don't mind me filming you.

I want to show you something pretty major. That's right. You can now go to any family owned or operated business and in about 15 seconds, you can show off that sexy, eager child in the video to a large audience.

That's right. You can now show off a child doing nothing illegal to a large audience. And that child is now available to watch without the parent knowing.

That child is now available to everyone. Without even knowing that it is there.

That child was the main attraction at my eighth grade sex-ed class. The principal brought it home with her to show the rest of the class. And my wife and I later had a talk with the teacher who gave the presentation and asked her all sorts of questions to try and piece together what the problem was. The presentation she gave to the principal was that the principal didn't know what was going on with her class because the video didn't have explicit content. The principal had seen the video and was confused because the content wasn't clear. The principal brought it to my attention because I do sex ed at home and I want to say, Principal, we don't have explicit content, but we do have helpful context.

Now, I have to tell you, this is a pretty strong statement. I didn't make it. It was actually pointed out to me.

Also, the principal could not be more wrong. I did teach a class on flashing drivers, which is the category I fall into when it comes to this.

But anyway, I want to talk a little bit more about the importance of context. Because context is everything. If you don't have it, then all you can do is do dumb things.

And I'm talking, of course, about privacy. Or rather, I'm talking about your right to do dumb things without anybody knowing. Right now, in the United States of America, we are in the midst of a privacy crisis. Whether you're a fan of Edward Snowden, who I am, or whether you're a fan of Hillary Clinton, there is something seriously wrong when it comes to this country's long-term record of protecting the privacy of its citizens.

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