Access omegle and chatroulette on blocked countries?

Access omegle and chatroulette on blocked countries?

BRZEZINSKI: No, we don't. And obviously, under Russian law, you can't block omegle and chatroulette -- if you did, it would be impossible to use them. You can't use them outside of Russia, because they're part of the omegle and chatroulette packages. We blocked them in Russia -- if you need to leave the country, you can leave them behind. So we block omegle and chatroulette outside of Russia, but they still reach a significant number of people. And of course, in the US, if you search for orexia on Google, a lot of the content on the right comes up. But the problem doesn't end there. If you think about paying for a meal with a credit card, you can imagine blocking all the content related to food -- but only the paid content.

Right now, we have a bill before Congress called the Fair Food > Act. This is basically a way for fast food restaurants to track who's paying for their food. If you look it up on the web, you can imagine how scary that would be.

We could also imagine how to better protect consumers by requiring payment providers to keep traceability to you and me. Right now, the vast majority of traceability is to the company, right? Like, they have a separate database, they keep traceability to their own database, and then if we don't want our content traced, we mustn't disclose the origin of our traffic, we mustn't share our traffic, we mustn't allow it on our end. Right? Well, that's not how the web works. If we really want to create a world where we all have equal access to what we buy and to what we provide for our families, we need to rethink the way we trace and protect our users' data.

So, that's my three-part series on online privacy. I've got a podcast coming soon where I interview academics, lawyers, engineers, technologists. I'm bringing all of these together so that in five years' time, all of you can say to each other, when you're driving down the road in five years time, That was 1995. Privacy was still not done enough.

PostScript: as I was listening to this, it occurred to me -- and I quote Dr. Dre -- There's a price to be paid for certain things. It's a price, a high price, for certain things. Crack cocaine? Check. Drone technology? Check.

If there's one thing I've learned as a chronicler of American culture, it is that when you get down to it, people are not really interested in politics. They are interested in products. And when you get products, they are not really interested in politics. They are interested

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